*Looking for C class guys at 66, 70 and 77kgs.* (GnP, no elbows, spar gloves)

We will be holding 8 man C class tournaments over our next years season of events at Vision fight nights and the main Undercard.

These will be 1 fight per night, over 3 events, cumulating in a final on a main Vision Card. (think Bellator tournaments)

Guys will get paid there usual purse and there will be a 500 prize for the
winner of each division.

Winners will also receive a sponsored, 1 year, 3 fight Pro contact, consisting of Supplements, fight gear and help with training where needed. Help and advice from Sweden Fighters management on fights etc.

The Pro fights will be on Vision Main Cards with at least 1 fight on one of our overseas show, you will be fairly matched and all fights will be discussed and agreed with yourselves and your coaches.

This opportunity is being sponsored by Vision, EZ Sports and Sweden Fighters management.

This is obviously aimed at guys looking to turn Pro in the next 3-5 fights, there is no pressure to turn Pro straight after the tournament but the opportunity is there.

If you or your coaches fancy being involved in this, please get in touch ASAP.

on FB, r.mccrum@sky.com or on 07792046231