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Thread: New Card for Lockdown

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    Default New Card for Lockdown

    Here is the latest card for Lockdown on 13th October. Tickets from

    Amateur A Class
    13. Dan Hitchins v David Bull 64kg
    12. Callum Brady v Kris Leeson 77kg
    Amateur B Class
    11. Michael Cruikshanks v Ryan Kelly 70kg
    10. Danny Holmes v Chris Senior 80kg
    9. Daniel Ingham v Tony Morgan 77kg
    8. Ashley Herrett v Omar Frederick 88kg
    7. Kyle Winder v James Ducket 75kg
    6. Jack Roughly v Sam Thomas 70kg
    5. Sam Higgins v Dan Kelsall 75kg
    4. Chris Arrigonie v Aaron McDonnell 77kg
    Amateur C Class
    3. Michael Stepien v Gordon Haig 75kg
    2. Connor York v Joe Henderson 63kg
    1. Aaron Bonner v Danny Crook

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    What's Amateur A, B and C?
    The poster formally known as Steve_Langford.

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    C = full amateur (no head shots at all)
    B = head shots standing but bo G+P
    A = head shots and G+P

    Check out the full rules at

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    if thats the Daniel Ingham who fights or use to fight out of heywood combat,i wouldnt waste your time he didnt turn up to fight me ignored his phone then switched it of to the promoter,turns out not the first time he has done it
    Danny Brelsford 1.0.0 ....Sapphire mma

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    It is that Daniel Ingham yes, its the only event ive not turned up to as the other event your referring to i pulled out with about a week to go, which i know is short notice but at the time had my reasons, i was going through personal problems and was in and out of hospital at the time with problems with my liver which i have now been discharged for. I have all the medical papers should anybody wish to see them. Im not proud of not turning up to an event, wasting other peoples time, hard work and money. But all i can do now is apologise to everybody that was affected by my behaviour and move on and try to build a relationship with promoters again. On the otherhand i also took a fight at Combat Challenge against Ben Winter on short notice and even though Winter weighed in at about 3-4kg heavier still went ahead with that fight. Will at Lockdown has given me a great chance to do that by allowing me to fight on his show, i understand that for him it is a massive risk and a big decision to make but he has my word that im going to be at that event in October, and im keeping in regular contact upon the build up to this event. Once again im sorry and i hope in time people can move on from this and realise this is a sport im serious about. Daniel Ingham

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    I'm not talking about the boxing show you pulled on,im talking about your fight with me on cage conflict 9th june that you didnt turn upto the weighin on the day then switched your phone off, If your now serious about the sport lets get the fight sorted again there's a cage conflict in november or i'll fight you on any other show you choose. sorry Will for doing this on your thread just warning you .
    Danny Brelsford 1.0.0 ....Sapphire mma

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    I wasnt on about the boxing, but yea, ill happily re-schedule the fight but it wont be til the end of the year early new year now, so let me know any shows around that time and get back to me?

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    Why so late in the year? Your fighting in october so why not fight me end of November cage conflict it's not like you do weight cuts. I'll fight you next week,doesn't have to be conflict I'm happy for you to pick any show and date you want...don't leave me waiting to long
    Danny Brelsford 1.0.0 ....Sapphire mma

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    Im goin down south for abit to see mum and sisters and then youve got christmas etc, so start of the years good for me, if thats cool with you we'll hook something up?

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    Will.. could you match this fight for your next show please,i dnt want any excuse daniel if will puts this on you better be there this time,i wouldnt even waste my time fightin you but you took the piss and wasted alot of my friends and familys time and money, so fingers crossed this fight happens
    Danny Brelsford 1.0.0 ....Sapphire mma

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