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Thread: OMMAC 15 LEGACY card so far

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    Still need matches for

    MW Avi Jack 5-1-0
    73kg Mark Glover 6-1-1
    70kg ste hodgeson 1-3-0
    70kg Jamie Lee Debut
    FW Nad Narimani 3-0-0
    BW Dec Williams 6-5-0

    any takers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    I knew he'd fought at FW but didn't recall him dropping. My bad.
    He has always been a BW

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    I thought i'd seen him fight at Featherweight as a Semi Pro.

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    his 1st pro fight was at featherweight i think

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    ^ Well I did think that but apparently not.

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    1. AM MW Gary Smallwood v Darren Till
    Powerhouse MMA Kaobon

    2. BW Nathan Thompson (4-32-0) v Paddy pimblett (0-0-0)
    South Shields MMA Next Generation

    3. FW Brett Heally (0-5-0) v Andy Green (2-4-0)
    Coventry MMAFIA HAMMA

    4. LW Jamie Lee (0-0-0) v Ste Hodgeson (1-2-0)
    Kaobon Next Generation

    5. FLY Mark Handley (3-3-0) v Martin Wong (1-0-0)
    Spartan MMA Next Generation

    6.LW Danny Welsh (3-23-0) v Ellis Hampson (0-0-0)
    Independent Next Generation

    7. LW Phil Flynn (7-7-0) v Uche Ihiekwe (5-2-0)
    Manchester Predators Kaobon

    8. BW Brian Creighton (1-0-0) v Joe Neil (1-1-0)
    Saphires MMA Next Generation

    9. MW Matt Howard (9-0-0) v Lee Chadwick (13-10-0)
    Roughhouse Atherton SW

    10. LW Peter Queally (1-0-0) v Mick Kay (2-0-0)
    SBG Dublin Next Generation


    11. Tony Moran (9-4-0) v Linton Vassell 10-3-0
    Saphires MMA Immortal MMA

    Tickets available or 0151263 6633

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    Glad you got someone for Ellis, Danny has 6 wins.

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    Danny's fighting and Vision now and there's a replacement for him at OMMAC.

    Here's the final fight card:

    And the main event face off:

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