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Thread: shin conditioning opinions

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    Default shin conditioning opinions

    Just asking what everyone does to condition their shins for muay thai.

    I've just started at my Uni club. Some folk are saying to just keep kicking a heavy bag as much as possible while others say it's ok to roll metal bars, glass bottles..... down the shin to kill the nerves.

    I realise that guys in thailand have been training since they were young so have years of kicking bags and pads behind them. Is it more of a western thing to condition your shins with bars?


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    I cant see how rolling a bottle would be any good, ie damaging or bruising your shins so you cant attend classes(or maybe im bit too soft)
    however consider while you kick the heavy bag, your getting shin conditioning, you can work on various things such as endurance, conditioning, speed, strength or technique. Theres not gunna be any easy way to get there but only to get kicking. Enjoy

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    Just kick pads to start mate.

    then once you've had a few fights, depending on if thats what you wanna do. your shins will become more conditioned.

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    Just break your shins - when they heal, they will be stronger. I'd recommend baseball bats (with splinters).

    But seriously, I've met several Thai's and yet to find out a genuine claim of this rolling on the shins.
    I understand it though because it could cause microfractures which would cause lumpy hard calcium build up (I think) and you'd have shins like... Sagat!
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    Muay Thai Nivea for Men?
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    Kick palm trees that does it for me ha

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    Quote Originally Posted by cobramma View Post
    Kick palm trees that does it for me ha
    Only if you "wiggawl der parm twee"

    "What.., like this? eerruughh. Like THIS? eeueurugghhHHH. Like DIS? ahhahhahah THis/ aaaghghhh THIS?? aagghhhhh"
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    Don't waste your time with the rolling it's no good for you. It will deaden the nerves but that isn't what you want, you want to become more conditioned to impact over time because impact is what you are dealing with when clashing shins or landing a blow. Just because your nerves are not "dead" doesn't mean you will be in pain if properly conditioned.

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    I wrote about this a while ago on my website:

    Hopefully that helps.
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    We kick into each others legs at karate lads,works for us

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