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Thread: Jay Furness v Artem Lobov [VIDEO]

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    Default Jay Furness v Artem Lobov [VIDEO]

    The one everyone's been talking about...

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    A few thoughts:

    Even though I was so tired I thought I was gonna hurl in the third round, I don't look as knackered as I expected to look. Eye's a bit fucked though, eh?

    Artem hits like a beast. That shot that did the damage was the second punch at around 13:40 and it doesn't look much but look at the mess it caused. Was winded by a knee in the third too but I did a good job of hiding it, you can't really tell haha.

    Round one and the low single at 8:07 were pretty good.

    Workmanlike I'd say, did what I had to do to win against a very dangerous guy, and one of my favourite fighters on the circuit. Was mad to be in there against him when I called his last fight (two rounds down, wins with some ruthless punches early in round three - it was sounding all too familiar....)

    Big thanks to Artem for the fight - super cool guy, as are the rest of the SBG dudes.

    Thanks to everyone who supported me on Twitter and what not, really appreciate it!

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    Good performance from Jay, diligent and relentless with the wrestling with a few moments of brilliance, the low single being the highlight then on the ground it was real solid, good consistent use of underhooks and pressure to not give Artem space then when Artem recovered guard Jay's posture was good

    Always like watching both guys fight

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    Thanks Brett. Using pressure, leverage and a consistent grind was what got me through that fight. Couldn't really play it any other way - he's a tough guy to prepare for, let alone a tough guy not to prepare for!

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    looking forward to checking this out.
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    Solid and very measured performance. Loved the ankle pick! Reminded me of Sakuraba!

    Your eye didn't look too good tho. Everything ok i.e. no lasting damage?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DOORMANMATT View Post
    Solid and very measured performance. Loved the ankle pick! Reminded me of Sakuraba!

    Your eye didn't look too good tho. Everything ok i.e. no lasting damage?
    Thanks mate - saying it was Sakuraba-esque might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.....

    Yeah, it's loads better now and there's no lasting damage. Was all superficial, although it did look pretty gnarly!

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    Very good wrestling from jay and a great win.
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    Great win, good control and given the cirumstances- Hats off to you. True Warrior
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    Cheers dudes <3

    Stitches out but I am still a cyborg!

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