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    A couple of weeks ago I was wrestling barefooted and smashed my toes against my partners boots while drilling (on a side note I have now bought boots). Two weeks on my toe/foot still isn't close to being back to 100%. The upper part of my foot just before my toes start aches which is hampering my training.

    Any suggestions if there is anything I can do to get by this as quickly as possible? I assumed initially I had just badly staved my toes but it's taking a fair amount of time to settle down for just that.

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    Toe injuries can take a long time to heal fully. It's not uncommon for that kind of injury to last several weeks or more.

    Often following a toe injury, you'll lose some of the movement at the joint. Doing some gentle mobilisation to try and recover the full range of movement can help. Avoid movements that cause sharp pain, but a little discomfort isn't anything to worry about.

    Of course, if it's still very painful to move and not noticeably improving, then consider the possibility that it might be broken. If you suspect this is the case, then best to get a professional to take a look.
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    Thanks Rosi, I appreciate the input.

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