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Thread: Glasgow Open 2012 Results

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    Default Glasgow Open 2012 Results

    White Belt u64kg

    Gold Fraser Pottinger
    Silver Billy Saul
    Bronze Kevin Read

    White Belt u70kg
    Gold Anthony Carroll
    Silver Dale Neish
    Bronze Craig Guthrie and Craig Pooley

    White Belt u76kg
    Gold Paul McBain
    Silver Robert Johnstone
    Bronze Audrius Krikstaponis and Simon Blackie

    White Belt u82.3kg
    Gold Gordon Price
    Silver Matthe Laurenson
    Bronze Aiden Grehan and Ronnie Pringle

    White Belt u88.3kg
    Gold Matthew Lambton
    Silver Ian Ballantyne
    Bronze Michael Nisbet and Lee Cadogan

    White Belt u94.3kg
    Gold Amr Ibrahim
    Silver James King
    Bronze Jordan Rogers and Stuart Innes

    White Belt 100.5kg+
    Gold Mitchell Reilly
    Silver David Burns
    Bronze David Baird and Stuart McMillan
    Scotlands No. 1 Timekeeper also available as a BJJ/No Gi referee

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    Blue Belt u70kg
    Gold Craig Hamilton
    Silver Asa Rodger
    Bronze Ashe Mohammed and Dave Hutchison

    Blue Belt u76kg
    Gold Peter Youds
    Silver Jonathan Cameron
    Bronze Elliot McCubbin and Shaiz Khan

    Blue Belt u82.3kg
    Gold Steven Ray
    Silver Gregorz Sobies
    Bronze Sam Gill and Saeed Malik

    Blue Belt u88.3kg
    Gold Kevin o'Donnell
    Silver James Scott
    Bronze Adam Lowes and James Ashman

    Blue Belt u94.3kg
    Gold Lee McGrorty
    Silver Wille Farquhar
    Bronze Mark Innes and Peter Ayre

    Blue Belt u100.5kg
    Gold Martin Smith
    Silver Harry Connall

    Blue Belt 100.5kg+
    Gold Stephen Fitzgerald
    Silver Gary Greenman
    Bronze John Watt
    Scotlands No. 1 Timekeeper also available as a BJJ/No Gi referee

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    Purple Belt u70kg
    Gold Ross Corrigan
    Silver Andy McFaull

    Purple Belt 100.5kg+
    Gold Rob McCrum
    Silver Matt Holland

    Junior u53.5kg
    Gold Jordan Vernion
    Silver Sudais Mohammed

    Junior u69kg
    Gold Stephen McMillan
    Silver Jack McGrath
    Bronze Jamie Grigor and Ibrahim Ahmad

    White Belt u58.5kg Female
    Gold Amanda Gibb
    Silver Kim McLean

    White Belt u64kg Female
    Gold Lesley Vallance
    Silver Amy Ether
    Bronze Louise Murray

    Brown Belt Superfight @ 94.3kg
    Gold Mark Peltier
    Silver Sam Howey

    White Belt Absolute
    Gold Matthew Laurenson
    Silver Paul McBain
    Bronze Stuart McMillan and Michael Nisbet

    Blue Belt Absolute
    Gold Stephen Fitzgerald
    Silver James Ashman
    Bronze Steven Ray and James Scott

    Purple Belt Absolute
    Gold Allan Love
    Silver Rob McCrum
    Bronze Ross Corrigan and Andy McFaull
    Scotlands No. 1 Timekeeper also available as a BJJ/No Gi referee

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    Is there a medals table?
    Maybe the worst 2-0 MMA fighter in history. @jimbojitsusbg

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    Nope as the majority of people didnt bother listing their academy
    Scotlands No. 1 Timekeeper also available as a BJJ/No Gi referee

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