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Curt Warburton vs. Rob Sinclair on anyone in UFC
Colin Fletcher vs. Any one in UFC
Liam James vs. Dino Gambatessa
Davey Grant vs. James Doolan
Daz Wardle vs. Daniel Sliwowski
Luke Harriman vs. Steve Dinsdale
Jack Sexton vs. Gareth Williams
Micky Burns vs. Scott Askham
Andrew Fisher vs. Garry Kelly
Alex Enlund vs. Saul Rogers
Ryan Scope vs. Stevie Ray
Tim Close vs. David Round
Andrew Punshon vs. Chris Fields
Chris Scott vs. Denniston Sutherland
Me vs. anyone who will be evenly matched
Some top fights there, I like the James-Gambatesa and Doolan-Grant fights, also Stevie Ray is at lightweight now so don't see him fighting Scope.

Hope you get that fight sorted