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Ok mate Im sick of your shit its a public forum and I post my opinion I couldn't give a toss what people think about me id rather be me then put a act on to fit in. Time to put up or stfu giving me shit man your last fight was light heavy right? Id be more then happy to fight you at that weight Amateur rules just so no excuses and id lmfao at the sheer shock on your face when you see that im not a Troll and am in fact very serious about this sport and a good guy in real life. Either back up what your saying to me or get off my case man hell id even come to a promo in leeds and tap your ass out or sit on you for 3 rounds but no matter what happned even if i lost you sure wouldnt be saying im full of shit anymore the funny thing about the internet is its very hard to judge whos sitting behind a computer. Most of this forum would probs tap me or beat me but i very much doubt you could even at this stage in my training. Call me cocky I dont care you disrespected my blog man so fuck you If I wanna dream of fighting pro who are you to laugh at me and say impossible.

Wanna prove im a troll simple accept and I will come forward and hopefully get it arranged for anytime after say july.

And I said 250 I only said 400 if I sold 1k tickets learn to read. wow :O
Naa your alright mate. Like I said before, I'm not too bothered bout fighting u