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Making weight is not an MMA fighter's favorite thing to do but it is a necessity. Doing it right requires physical and mental toughness. Doing it wrong can seriously impair a mixed martial artistís abilities on fight night and flush weeks of hard work in the training camp down the drain.

A 2011 California State Fullerton study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that wrestlers who cut more than four percent of their body mass before a match experienced "significantly higher levels of confusion on the day of the competition." This suggests that cutting weight drastically can also affect an MMA fighter's state of mind.

This is why many of the top Wrestlers and MMA fighters use Sweet Sweat to safely and effectively cut weight. MMA wrestling trainer and Olympic hopeful Kenny Johnson teaches his students to use Sweet Sweat in combination with his revolutionary BOLT Wrestling program, to help cut weight without zapping all your energy.

But Sweet Sweat is not just for MMA fighters. It is formulated to benefit both the fitness beginner and the elite athlete, as well as those who just want to improve their overall fitness.