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Thread: Scottish MMA Rankings - September 2012

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    See if a guy always wins when he fights on vision, but loses one or two outside vision would be still have a case for title shot?

    What's time scale for the latest vision DVD btw rob?
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    Yeah, it kinda depends on the nature of defeat and who against. Obviously we had to deal with that when Galbraith took the decision against Adam. Always helps a guys case if he keeps winning though.

    Not got a clue about DVD's dude. I don't really deal with that stuff.
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    yeah u guys are right but would be a cool 4 man ne way.

    whats gonna happen thou will graham defend the belt?

    o aye since i left hostile to train at the grip, it was a class here and there, would love to join in wae the pro team during the day but work and family commitments had to come first. i will try get up there more again sometime soon for the open sparring on friday s espesh now lovely kicking about. what i will say thou is its top notch coaching with top lads. can understand why stevie ray wants to go to h level. good luck stevie
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    o aye and im doing most of my training at smtc alloa which is mostly the old hostile team with thai guys and a few fresh faces great enviroment and great guys. good to be back with the mates too
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    Quote Originally Posted by RabTrue View Post
    doolan/mcveigh v aranda
    ray v mitchell
    4man stevenson/mcvitte/galbraith/armstrong
    me v anytop10lhw or fuck it hw SOMEONE FIGHT ME.
    like to see alan love fight and sean wright.

    Can I take you up on that?

    Mid March / Early - Mid April Rab



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    wtf whos this
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    Quote Originally Posted by RabTrue View Post
    wtf whos this
    Hi Rab, is my email address.

    Would love the opportunity to fight the No1. No disrespect meant by the post, mearly an offer to be your "someone" if you are still looking for a fight early next year. I work on rotation offshore so can send you my dates I'm onshore and see if there is a show......



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    think he wants to know your record were you train etc????

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    Also are u a friend of the hitman??
    sick of the bullshit !

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetruthbetold View Post
    Also are u a friend of the hitman??
    No, but I'd like to be. He needs encouragement and support, not abuse. If the above comes off, heres an invite for him to come to the show for the experience with me.

    Last post on this thread. My emails above for Rab.
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