I am preparing my fight card for KAYO-MMA 9 on 24th NOVEMBER and looking for male and female fighters at all weights and categories amateur, Semi-Pro and Pro.

Like previous events the show will be televised on the Active Channel-Sky Channel 281 www.theactivechannel.com .

Some of photos from our pervious shows https://picasaweb.google.com/1147627...5AE&feat=email

The events will be held at Watford Colosseum Rickmansworth Road Watford WD17 3JN

Amateur rules competitor will have Fairtex 8oz gloves, headshots standing only and 2 x 4min rounds

Semi-Pro rules will have Fairtex 8oz gloves, there will be headshots stand and on the ground and 2 x 5min rounds

Both amateur and semi-pro rules no elbow, no knee to head, no neck cranks, no heel hook and no foot locks.

Pro rules will have pro mma gloves rules include elbows on the ground and 3 x 5min rounds.
Fighters will get paid well and in addition, they will also receive generous commission from any tickets they sell.

If you are interested please email info@kayo-mma.co.uk