So this is the latest event to be promoted by Mark Wartime Carling.

His last event UCMMA Contenders in Dundee ended in a shit storm with people not being paid , nightlubs being taken over, baseball bat wielding thugs allegedly turning up at peoples homes and forcing them to leave town.

Because of this storm accusations of dodgey weigh ins, mismatches , no or unqualified medical staff, making promises on behalf of suppliers he has no agreement with and many other concerning issues where raised about other UCMMA Contender events.

I must admit I was surprised to see him have another go at it but before he does I would be interested to know what is being done differently this time.

So Mr Wartime I would appreciate if you could answer some of these questions.

1)Have you got a Ltd company set up for your promotion?
2)Will you be paying people in advance on the night?
3)Who are your medical staff?
4)Who are your officials?
5)When and where are the weigh ins?
6)Who will be conducting the weigh ins?
7)Will the weigh ins be filmed?
8)Do you have all the money to pay for the event or are you relying on ticket sales? how is this going?