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    Just wanted to say as big congratulations to starstrike for their first event on saturday.

    The event was brilliant, the choice of coventry skydome as a venue worked really well with not a bad view anywhere.

    The fights seemed to run very smoothly with some good performances especially by jake ocean to lightweight (pro) title fight at the end.

    I look forward to their future events and hope to see some more people there.

    Did any other guys on here happen to attend?

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    Hi there,

    My name is Wai Wah Tsang and I was fighting 8th on the card that night and my fight was against Jamie Jones. I was the Chinese fighter wearing the blue Chikara Hayabusa shorts.

    Made my debut that night against a fighter with a record of 2-2. Took that fight with under 3 weeks notice as my previous opponent had pulled out with a knee injury.

    Hopefully the fight was entertaining for those who watched and that it deserved its place of being so late on the card.

    I lost that fight at 2:59 in the 3rd round via armbar. I know I’m going to sound bitter on here, for which I would like to apologise, but I just want to clarify that I DID NOT tap to the armbar and that the ref had stopped the fight. I knew it was very late in the round as I heard the 10 second warning, so I rushed my own armbar only to be countered. He did have the armbar locked very tight but I have turned my arm to relieve the pressure so I was in no danger of my arm being broken. Referee gave no warning or asked me if I wanted to quit, for which I would have said no, but the ref stopped it anyways. I asked the ref afterwards and he said that he didn’t want my arm broken. I can understand the fighters safety is paramount but if my arm has turned (thumb not facing upwards) and also no face showing no signs of pain, surely the ref should ask I want to continue or just let it carry on?

    I also want to clarify that Jamie Jones was a great fighter and also a great person and I do not want to take anything away from him. His camp were also a great bunch of lads. During the fight, I would have said that I would have lost 2 rounds to 1 and I wouldn’t have minded that. Personally I would have wanted to reach the end of the fight and would happily have accepted a decision loss, but the ref has taken that away from me.

    Overall, it was a great experience and one I would do again. Hopefully with the experience, I will be able to apply myself better, brain not go to mush as nerves do play a major part in there, and hopefully get the win next time. I will look again to bring a whole posse to support me.

    Starstrike promotions did a great job looking after all the fighters on the night. The Skydome is a great venue for MMA. Maybe they could promote the fight on a weekend where there were not as many events on at the same time to boost the audience numbers. Fight UK Amateur Championships in Leicester and another event was in Stoke to name a few was on the same night. If interest was higher, hopefully more seating around the outside would be present.

    Cage size was very good also. I have seen some other organisations use cages half the size (maybe an exaggeration).

    Great job Neil and Dom.

    Sorry for rambling on

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