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Thread: Misconceptions in s&c

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    Hi, i'm currently looking to do more work as a s&c coach with fighters & i as wondering what youn thought the biggest miconceptions when training fighters were?

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    S & c coaches need to do strength work pre for fights rather then body building

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    Think S & C are pretty clued up nowadays. Still alot of static stretching pre-session about in classes though

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    Misconceptions are more common among the shitty weekend certificate PT's who happen to get a fighter to work with.

    In no particular order here's a few that do my head in...

    Size = strength.

    Strong = slow.

    Strong = poor mobility.

    RFD = Speed strength = acceleration etc etc. Basic lack of knowledge of how to develop different strengths.

    "Cardio" = 40 minutes jogging.

    You need to "recover fully" between training sessions.

    Olympic lifts are technically difficult.

    Olympic lifts are essential.

    ...and so on.

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    The misconception amongst most is that a good workout is the one where you are sore and exhausted.


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