Pietro Menga (7-0) speaks about his recent step up in class against Rany Saadeh (3-1), the clinical arm bar that finished the fight and more.

His thoughts on Rany:

"Rany was a very good opponent; one of the best unbeaten flyweights coming out of Germany, so it was nice to see myself put in such a dominant performance.

"He didn't surprise me at all. I knew he had skills, but I always kept an open mind in the fight.

"I noticed that in a lot of his fights he pressures his opponent right from the bell with strikes, and they always seem to fold.

"That wasn't going to happen with me. I've been training in Muay Thai for too long. I think this was a little bit of a shock to him; not something he's used to."
Full interview here: http://www.britmma.co.uk//pietro-men...deh/4568888961