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Thread: CageWarriors, UCMMA and BAMMA.

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    Default CageWarriors, UCMMA and BAMMA.

    Right these are the big 3 promotions in the UK. Im sure that is something we can all agree on. Now imagine all 3 of these promotions were having a show on exactly the same day as each other and it was in London. Have a think about the pros and the cons of each show, imagine each show was putting on a very strong card. Which show would you yourself choose to buy a ticket for and watch and why?

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    My purchase would entirely be based upon who is on the card if all 3 were on the same night. If say - all venues equally easy to get to, all tickets similar price, only difference would be the card itself and I think everyone has their favourite fighters so would come down to that...

    I vote...erm....have you got the fight cards lol? Though joking aside, be between CW and UCMMA for me, probably go CW as not attended a live show of theirs yet, BAMMA as usual seem to leave things up in the air, so my faith in them isn't as strong as it is in the other two....assuming that UCMMA wasn't a cage rugby night only!
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    I reckon I'd go for CW, mroe consistent quality, no UK1, good production.

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    definately 100% wouldnt choose a UCMMA card over the other two, can imagine how horrible the atmosphere would be with all the pretend gangsters.

    I have been to 1 cage warriors show and it was excellent, havnt been to Bamma but my cousins have and loved it. I guess it would depend on who was fighting and where it was, il be at the next one that comes to scotland thats for sure

    I think if i wanted to go with a promotion i could trust to be professional and that i could rely on id go with cage warriors
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    I'd go with Cage Warriors.

    OMMAC is also up there as a top UK show.

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    Cage Warriors everytime! Great well matched fights as always. Undercard stacked with local fighters ensure a good crowd and atmospher then headlined by top fights that make sense. Also the locals ain't under matched againt total cans to please their pals. No bullshit dancers, UK-1, Ultimate Ball.

    I've been to bamma events too. Hate the long gaps between fights. You don't get that on CW.

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    (Insert nice thing about the show you work for)

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    I would pay for a CW ticket as I spend all my bloody time back stage and never see the fights.
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    Thats a very difficult question.
    I cant really say UCMMA if its at the Troxy because that place is awful and ive never been a fan of all the packaging around the fights.
    BAMMA seamed like they are trying to emulate UFC more production wise and didnt do a bad job but sitting on your own and being able to hear somebody caugh outside the stadium is not really my cup of tea.
    CWFC is the best all rounder IMO and the one id most likely go to.
    Not that its relevant to this particular question but as great as it is that CWFC offer fighters multi fight deals it does tend to limit their match ups which with a man like Ian Dean making the fights is a bit like asking Mozart to play the piano with one hand but I accept that it is required for the sake of progress and worth it.
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