Hi - i just wanted to clear a little something up for you all after a scenario at the weekend - after all it is times like these when I like to make the unknown - known!

For clarification, if a Champion does not make weight at the alloted time, or the grace period there after [typically one hour] the title he holds should be reliquished on the spot, no question.

The fight, if agreed depending on the time and weight missed, would go ahead as normal. The challenger, who if he/she makes the prescribed Championship weight, will become Champion should he/she win the fight. If the previous title holder wins the belt remains vacant.

This is in light of the past weekends Punshon - Marshaman fight. I was not present at the weigh in or this could have been sorted and the correct information relayed there and then. I do not know or understand who or what was said at the time of Marshmans weigh in, or any mistake in the weigh in procedure - all that interests me is the correct and proper protocols are followed.

On the Saturday morning I started to receive calls from many sources - naturally I told them what the correct outcome should be.

I would like to add that once I got to Wembley and discussed the situation and informed of the correct protocols all was met with immediate acceptance from BAMMA, Marshamans camp & management and Punshon himself as well as both Mr Marshamn & Mr Punshon and I would like to thank all for this. I then explained to the commentary team on this scenario so that it could be relayed to the veiwers at home and hopefully get them to understand what the correct procedure is and avoid any mis-understanding should they see the belt go the challengers way if he won, but not to the previous holder if he did.

For any other promotors, officials etc out there please do use this going forward and in the unfortunate event of a Champion missing weight - this is what should happen.

Thank you all.