In spite of crowd trouble marring the promotion's first card, Lockdown MMA will return on October 13th. Show promoter, Will Burke discusses the problems at the aforementioned event and what is to look forward to next month.

"We have a security team over three times larger than that at the last event, and have also altered the venue layout to include fixed seating throughout and prevent large groups of fans building up in small areas.

"We will also be strict on our door control. Lockdown is a family show. We will turn away anybody who turns up drunk, and will hand over anybody we believe to be using or carrying banned substances to the police, without exception.

"I was very disappointed for the fighters that didnít get to fight, as after training hard for two-to-three months leading up to this one event, they were the main victims of the incident, but running events is a learning process and as long as we keep changing things for the better and learning from our mistakes, we'll keep growing.
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