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Thread: Smashes discussion thread (spoilers)

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    If the UFC do want two Australian's winning it they've fucked up picking the likes of the freakshow and Parke for the UK team

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    Well done to Fletcher, clearly won both rounds imo, thought he had that modified guillotine sunk in a few times, he went for it about ten times lol.

    Also good to see Loughnane brought in as the replacement, hope Pastou gets another chance.

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    Colin will win th show guarantee it a said it th second a knew he was going on th show if was top secret id of put my house on it lol
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    Colin is a monster! Despite being a mate and training with him quite a few times i still can't understand how much he smiles when he is getting hit and then responding with twice as many shots of his own. The guy is that scary he puts the shits up Pennywise from It!!!
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    Excuse the picture it's all I could find.
    That shit was pure Ultimo Dragon.
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    Looking forward to this tonight.....

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    Wow what a puch, unlucky for Newman.

    Says "next week at lightweight an early favourite suffers", who could that be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeiranMc View Post
    Looking forward to this tonight.....
    It was like 12:50 and the fight hadn't even started.

    I figured it'd be a quick one somehow.

    Big shot.
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    Felt sorry for Newman, neither guy had even had time to warm up. I'd suspected it was gonna be a quick one meself, Ben.

    On a lighter note, that wasabi snorting competition had me laughing so hard. I've not howled so much in ages
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    TUF: The Smashes Episode 3 Recap and Results

    Anybody can get caught, that's the nature of the sport. To be honest I think it would have been too early for Newman to head to the UFC anyway - he's still a young guy, let him have a few more fights, build up his experience and come back from it.

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