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Thread: Smashes discussion thread (spoilers)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nimmy View Post
    thats shit, the two best guys in the UK team being in the same bracket, would have preferred both of them to be seperate
    Yup. They sent out a strong lightweight squad but a weak(ish) welter squad imo. Especially considering the talent that went to the trials.
    Doesnt seem as though Valentino gets a second shot next week as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by purist View Post
    John Joe posted on the UG thread that one of the fighters smuggled something into the house. Im guessing a phone or something.
    I thought that as well at first but I don't think Dana would go this mental over a phone. It's against the rules but it's not the "worst thing anyone could do" on TUF really.

    Rich Clementi snuck a phone in on TUF 4 and Dana just gave the fighters a lecture about rules and stuff, snapped the phone and took their weekly phone calls away.

    If it is something being smuggled in I'm thinking maybe someone sneaked some drugs in. Maybe. I don't know. But for the reaction it seems to cause that's the only thing that I can think of. I'm thinking a member of the crew finds something and they don't know who brought it in hence the "Be a man and own up" stuff.

    That's a total guess though. But it's the only thing I can think of.

    Am I right in thinking the welterweight Brit coming back has to be Bola? It doesn't look like Valentino gets the shot judging by the preview and isn't Luke Newman banned from any full contact training for the remainder of the show? That only leaves Bola. I think he deserves it as well, it was his kick that sent Manny home after all. I'd like to see him get another shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sol_dave View Post
    next weeks show looks like some tmz style gossip goodness

    Brad looked great, felt sorry for him over the diary business.
    Brad should've been the one pissed! They are his personal thoughts/views and I'm sure he didn't expect the rest of the team would act like a bunch of pre pubescent school girls and read his diary. Glad its all blown over as they have gelled as a team in what is not a team sport. Will be interesting to see if they stay so tight when they are fighting one and other

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllYouNeedIsLove View Post
    Think its a shame Fletcher and Parke will meet in the Semis both deserve to be in the final.
    Apart from the coach issue anyone know what Dana is on about that will be shown next week?
    Isn't that literally the order they won their matches in?

    For many seasons now when they get to semi's or quarters there's a discussion about who matched up best with who etc

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    Stormin Norman to win lightweight I reckon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeiranMc View Post
    Stormin Norman to win lightweight I reckon.
    No way freakshow all the way id bet my house on it lol
    Liam Bad Intentions James, pro mma uk featherweight!!

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    I've saw you say that before, Fletcher has a great chance as well imo, good fighter and top charachter too.

    Are you guys team mates?

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    Haven't followed this season at all. Looking at it on wikipedia now.

    Surprized Xavier Lucas got knocked out in the first round. I would have picked him to win the Welterweight tournament. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Don't think Xavier got knocked out.

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    Yeah Xavier lost by decision. Brad looked pretty close to catching him in a couple of submissions or stopping him with ground and pound at the end though. I thought Brad looked really good.

    EDIT- actually re-reading RKing's post he obviously meant he was surprised Xavier was knocked out of the tournament in the first round, not actually KO'd. My bad.
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