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They got 178,000 viewers for BAMMA 10. Thoughts on that?
That's great, they should stick to that sort of card, no big names at the twilight of their career demanding big bucks to show up. Sinclair vs Warburton would be good whilst building some of the other division title pictures with the rest of the card.

Really enjoyed Reid vs Kong but that was because I expected Reid to get hammered and was really impressed and pleasantly surprised with the fight. I do not want Reid vs the 'World & British Cage Fighting Champion' (Giles), *sigh*, as the main headliner, even though it will probably be a decent fight.

The main thing I want, is Borg and Pierre to stop constantly harping on about how educated MMA fighters actually are and that they are not thugs blah blah. It's true but it's getting repetitive.