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Thread: Stipe Miocic talks UFC On Fuel 5 vs. Stefan Struve

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    Default Stipe Miocic talks UFC On Fuel 5 vs. Stefan Struve

    Great interview with Stipe Miocic - covers a whole bunch of topics, but I admire the fact that he is clearly a great athlete and competent at anything he sets his sights on, but also the fact that he's still a serving fire fighter but says he won't give that up even if he continues to progress up the UFC ladder.

    It [Golden Gloves success] felt great and was a good accomplishment in my athletic career. I actually considered go the boxing route but ultimately I decided on MMA and feel that I made the right decision.

    There was some interest [from MLB teams] and I enjoyed playing baseball but I took the road I took and have never looked back.

    I chose MMA because of the challenge and the opportunity. MMA is growing so fast and has so many great fighters now, for me it was an easy decision to make. A friend of mine, who used to train at Strong Style, actually got me interested and eventually took me to the gym with him. The rest is history! Outside of MMA, you’re also a fire-fighter and paramedic. How do you fit those roles in with training and camp? How do you cope with the mental and physical work that comes from it all?

    Stipe Miocic: It’s an easy transition for me to make. Luckily I work with a great group of guys who make it easy to want to go to work. But it’s not really like a job to me and I can never see giving it up. I’m fortunate to have a supervisor who allows me to work around my training schedule which makes it nice. I feel that just like in MMA, you have to be mentally tough to be a fire fighter. It’s not an easy job mentally or physically which is probably what drew me to it. Do you really plan on staying with the job if you continue to climb the UFC heavyweight ladder?

    Stipe Miocic: Yes I do. My coworkers and the job itself is what keep me there. It’s not about the money at all for me. It’s about helping my community and being part of a great team.
    Head to the link for more!
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