Alright fellas,

Always been into my striking (boxing, thai) and never really wanted to take part in grappling, submission fighting or anything like that. I lived in cheshire and there wasn't anywhere near me that offered legit BJJ training so i passed it up. I now live in Lancs near Blackpool and Preston and there seems alot of intrest in submission fighting around here. Now, how long would it take an absolute newb to get to competition standard? Do they even allow new students to fight ? Would BJJ be the right path or would traditional jiu jitsu be wiser to start in ? Or even judo ? Any advice much appreciated as this is new area for me and I am clueless!! Im not getting any younger and want to try it I dont really see myself going down the MMA route as im too old and work would not really approve however I would like to compete in any type of grappling competition just basic level, so time frame would help. Id aim to train 2-3 times a week in what ever art people on here think best and I will keep a blog to chart my progress (or lack of !)