Hey guys, I run MMA Portugal - the biggest medium devoted to Mixed Martial Arts and combat sports in my country - and I will post links here heading to our daily news and reports, regarding our National scene.

All our articles are written in Portuguese so this will be mainly for Portuguese and Brazilian people but feel free to translate it on your browsers 'cause we got tons of exciting fighters and events. Just remember Cage Fighters 2 where the 3 second flying KO and the cage invasion videos were all across the internet!

Here they are (latest news):
Cage Fighters returns on the 4th of November for "Challengers: North"
Vitor Nobrega versus Emilio Tanque on the making
Facebook feud involving Isaac DaGun and Kombat Klub heats up the scene in Lisbon
Vitor Pinto, Vitor Marinho and Tiago Paraiso victorious at Portugal Fight Challenge 1 (WITH VIDEOS)
Portugal defeated by the USA on World Cup Of MMA
Nuno Flamino and Fabio "Bi" Barros will clash for the first ever Portuguese WKA MMA belt
Rafael Silva shines on the WUFC world tournament 2012