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Thread: NSAC Am WW & MW good purse paid

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    Default NSAC Am WW & MW good purse paid

    Looking for:
    NSAC am MW for a debut fighter ( who is a raw novice with no former experience of any kind)
    NSAC am WW for a 1-0-0 fighter
    Good purse paid
    20th Oct show in the midlands Please pm if you are interested
    Cheers Jon

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    Still looking
    Any novice fighters at any weights welcome, nice small show plus expenses paid
    Cheers Jon

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    What's the name and location of the show??

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    is it in nevada ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedBaron View Post
    is it in nevada ?
    What a silly question......of course it is! Can you not see that it is santioned by the NSAC? Geeze

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    so its NSAC and not unified rules ?

    If you need a friend, get a dog !

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    Lulz I only mentioned this NSAC retardation a few days ago on Facebook.


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