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Thread: Mayhem Millers Lost it!

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    Default Mayhem Millers Lost it!

    Just saw this,
    feel sorry for the guy, he needs serious help
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    I think he may have thought that would be funny, but it was just boring, stupid, disruptive nonsense.
    This is why Dana white hates this guy...

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    I could be completely wrong here and I hope I am, but it seems like he's got schizophrenia or reasonably early signs of it.

    My dad has
    Alsimhers and schizophrenia is also a part of his disorder and the way mayhem was acting was how my dad acted early on in his illness.

    That being said if this is all an act Miller should be ashamed of himself, if not I hope some one helps him and gets him in a home where he will be safe ASAP.

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    Apparently he's in character to promote his 'movie'.
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    I don't know enough about the guy to say what's really going on but I wonder whether it's a bit of both; i.e. he's 'in character' but has lost sight of the boundaries between himself and a role he's playing. I once read an article about a famous method actor where his former wife expleined that when he was playing one of his most famous film roles he was absolutely intolerable to live with because he stayed in character 24/7 - not really very good for a person's mental health or their relationships
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    feel for him!
    i can imagine it gets pretty crazy mentally at the top, when you've got celebrity status, especially when people expect you to be a crazy character all the time. always expecting things, obviolsy hes made his own bed but , yeh i feel for him. it was hard to watch. punches to the head, fans and mma talk, repeating the same shit to people. i bet its fucking hard
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