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Thread: Need help cutting weight-Sweet Sweat SPECIAL OFFERS - TRY Sweet Sweat for ONLY 99p

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    Quote Originally Posted by saul rogers View Post
    So do you use that sweet sweat stuff for sauna cutting also or just workouts, is it more effective than using albolene in the sauna?....
    It's good but no better than albolene imo. I got it free from a sponsor and was pleased with it, but it ain't cheap. Don't use stuff like this for workouts, only used it cutting weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonj View Post
    Rob - alot of my teams mates have used the product and have raved about how good it is. Take that for what it is worth!
    Worth nothing. Millions of people say homeopathy works. It's not hard for the companies behind products like this to arrange trials, and they make enough money from them to fund it easily. -

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    Ive used this and albolene for cutting in the last 24 hours prior to a weigh in.

    Ive not idea why people use it for workouts though, your surely just going to rehydrate and replace the fluids youve lost. Same goes for guys insisting in training wearing sauna suits.

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    Hi Guys

    This is a comparison between SweetSweat Vs Albolene

    YouTube Clip

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