Personally think this is a disgrace:

“I the undersigned co-owner of Celtic Gladiator, Piotr Perucki, wishes to declare that on 22nd September of this year, I was negligent in the selection of Judges, in relation to …

one of the main event fights between Artem Lobov and Arthur Sowinski . One of the Judge’s was from the same club as Artem Lobov, where they train together and are closely connected. This type of situation should not have happened and for this I wish to apologise to the fighters and clubs. The only excuse I can give is that one hour before the event one of the original judges, Richard Gorey, withdrew from the judging panel. Therefore, under great stress and pressure I made the wrong decision in selecting a replacement judge. I know how much of a problem this has caused and because of this I made the decision to leave my position in this company. In agreement with co-owner, Mariusz, we have decided to announce that the fight held on the 22nd September, 2012 between Artem Lobov and Arthur Sowinski – NO CONTEST. The Celtic Gladiator Company expresses the desire to organize another fight between these fighters in Ireland with the new judging panel.
The Board of Celtic Gladiator”