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Thread: Funny Bjj experiences?!

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    Unhappy Funny Bjj experiences?!

    Im sure many of you have your own funny BJJ experiences. One I can remember was at the English open.

    My friend was winnning by a lead of about 17 points. He was then in the turtle position defending and then out of no-where started to tap even though no submission was applied.

    I was so confused as he started to bound off the mat as fast as possbile. Then it was clear, his own fitness was his enemy and started to puke up at the side of the mats. Wished I had recorded it but the memory is so funny.

    Unfortunately he was disqualified

    Any other funny memories to share?

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    I reffed one fight where the timer went off for the end of the match on the next mat along, and both fighters stopped fighting and just stared at me.

    Also when reffing another fight, score was 2-2 and the guy on bottom got a triangle (but not close to submission). Then the guy on top passed to turtle from it so I scored him an advantage. Coach of the guy on bottom shouts "You're winning now, stay tight, only 20 seconds left" and the coach of the guy on top shouts "You need to score to win". Both very wrong and it resulted in both the fighters being very surprised at who's hand I raised as winner. -

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