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Thread: The next big UK org?

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    Very interesting, Many whispers and facts indicate to me that some of the existing promotions are going to start separating from the pack as Cage Warriors have done.

    BAMMA appear to be breaking with tradition and planning a longer term strategy with significant partnerships.

    UWC have sprung out of nowhere and have huge backing now to add to their previous consistency.

    UCMMA are a bit different as they have separated from UKMMA to a large degree and do their own thing a mixture of entertainment and fighting which has given them a separate fan base to the others .

    With Cage Warriors going from strength to strength and the others gaining large momentum anybody hoping to become the next big org may find that there is little room left for them if they are not in some way able to significantly distinguish themselves from the incumbent MMA brands.

    If the UFC start putting on more cards in England and Europe as a whole it will be even harder.

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    Good question - it may sound bias as I MC for both shows but imo Shcok n Awe and Pain Pit are getting better and better with every show and are certainly in contention for the next big uk shows. Both have huge 2,000 seater arenas which sell out consistently and always produce well matched fights and the fight cards are getting more high profile fighters competing. Shock n Awe is on TV on a Weekly basis too. Valley of Kings are planning a huge come back in 2013 so keep an eye out.

    I hear a lot about other uk shows such as UCC, made 4 the cage, on top, vision fC and fight UK who all have great reputations.

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    My moneys on Shock N Awe, they are moving forward at an incredible rate and doing so within their means. Tightly fitted fights and extremely high production levels plus it feels like you are at a huge show when you are there as well. Pain Pit wont be far behind as they have a great model as well. Theres a lot of good shows such as TMT and ITC to keep an eye open for in the future as they are doing things correctly and the industry down in the south west has been heavily stimulated as well. Personally I think the future is very bright for UK mma with plenty of the right people doing things the correct way.

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