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Thread: Out of curiosity..

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    on the real Conor McGregor would be cool probably give you plenty of footage!

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Saville View Post
    me, come we can smoke weed, do some acid grappling and dissolve into each other then watch our souls play connect 4 to determine the winner
    Do this...

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    Paul McVeigh, that would be gold

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    Big Slow would be good because he is a character or perhaps Ross Pettiffer preparing for his comeback would be good as he is another character with allot of promise.

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    Danny Mitchell, McVeigh, Scraps, McGregor, Fields, Brum, Ronnie Mann, Whiteford would all be good. Oh, and me. I wanna be on MTV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cxhem View Post
    Who would you guys want to see on the MTV MMA site. I get managers and fighters asking to be featured etc.. but just asking out of interest.

    16-bit for life

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    big slow - more interviews than fights ... would definitely fit in with career so far if he got on MTV at this stage

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    Regarding Lew Long, he may not have the biggest online fan bass but everyone in Wales knows who he is MMA fan or not. People come up to him for pictures all the time in the street. Wales loves a hero, why not?

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