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Thread: MMA in Slovakia?

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    Default MMA in Slovakia?

    Does anyone have any information regarding events or gyms in Slovakia?
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    Let me know what you find. I visit Slovakia once a year as the missus is Slovak and we visit her parents. Last time I had to make due with a local weightlifting gym and a near by hill for sprints. Not really ideal for training for a fight. In fact, half of my training video for FCFN you saw was filmed there.

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    i'm teaching a seminar there in march, paddy's weekend

    if you speak the lingo...

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    Default MMA Gyms and Events in Slovakia Current

    Quote Originally Posted by the ref View Post
    Does anyone have any information regarding events or gyms in Slovakia?
    Hello guys and decided to update this thread about MMA in Slovakia for everyone that is in need of this information

    This is Styx they host MMA events in Slovakia

    Here is another active MMA gym in Slovakia as well

    This here is Pit MMA a gym that is also active in Slovakia too

    This right here is Pit Cage Fighting they only host events in Slovakia

    This link here is to Fight Club MMA they only host in Slovakia as well but they just got started a year ago and are always looking for more people to fight in their events

    Then here for our strikers is the World Kickboxing Federation they periodically host events in Slovakia regarding Kickboxing

    Hope this has helped everyone out that is looking for MMA events in Slovakia

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