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Thread: muay thai fighters cant box for shit

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    Default muay thai fighters cant box for shit

    keep throwing shitty teep kicks and clinch knees


    dutch kickboxing > muay thai


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    yeh fella i agree mate when i was trainin in thailand in bangcok with all the top champs out there i had to keep stoppin them in sparrin like hold on you cunt stop holdin your hands like some muggy drunk cunt tuck them to your chin the ones that didant listen to me got there heads smashad in throwin bombs to those cunts up aganst the ropes til they got browken ribs an jaws must have retired like 50 fighters out there but lernt cuple kicks from the trainers helped me abit when was fightin in k1 but could have won without it coz those muggy cunts aint got nothin on johny boys boxin wbc world champ 19-0

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    Its not boxing. To use footwork to evade attack,to back off-basically to not stand toe to toe is frowned upon.Also strikes from a clinch position are revered. "dutch" style of kickboxing is much more suited to K1 rules and to heavier fighters,and works better for MMA (in my opinion), but it could be argued the trade off for clinch work as opposed to footwork.
    Similar to saying "boxers cant kick for shit,all they do is throw a jab out and back peddle"-not my opinion but u get what i mean

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    It's a difference in rules for sure. Nak Muay can almost certainly box as well as Dutch style guys at the same weight.
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    There is a reason they don't box well... its the style and judges favouring Kick, Knees and Elbows but Ramon Dekker changed some of that.

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