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Thread: UMA VI British Open 'No Gi' Grappling Championships; Saturday 1st December 2012

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    Early Registration closes at 6pm on Sunday 18th November, so only 3 weeks left before late registration and entry kicks in, so if you do want to enter and compete, then get your registration and entries in whilst they are discounted for early registration.
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    Only 2 weeks remaining for early registration, we advsie that if you are competing, then get your regsitration and entry in now or at least before early registration closes.

    We will be running 4 Contest Mats again, so as usual, it will again be a very well attended and very busy day, also don't leave it too late to register your entry as so to secure your place at these Championships.
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    Early Registration Closes this Sunday 18th November at 6.00pm, so to save yourself a few quid, get your Registrations in asap and before the late Registration Fee kicks in, to Register go to:
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    Only 3 days left for early reduced registration...

    Save yourself a few quid, get your Registrations in asap and before the late Registration Fee kicks in at 6pm this coming Sunday 17th November, to Register go to:
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    Nearly 100 fighters representing 26 Clubs so far, there are just over 50 places left, once we reach our capacity of 150 Fighters for these Championships, we will close off entries, even if it reached before Sunday 25th November, the final closing date for any late registration and entries.

    So if you do want to enter and compete in these Prestigious Annual Championships, then we advise you get your entries in ASAP, as you may just miss out...

    1st Legion MMA
    4th Dimension MMA Nottingham
    Alliance BJJ Derby
    Bushido MMA
    Can Do Martial Arts
    Checkmat/Trojan MMA
    Chester Submission Grappling
    Deehan MMA
    Exeter BJJ
    Fighting Fit
    GB Doncaster
    GB Nottingham University
    GB Sheffield
    GB Solihull
    GB Yorkshire
    Hybrid MMA
    Kettering Shootfighters
    Leicester Shootfighters
    Mick Shore MMA
    Rebel Alliance BJJ
    Team Sukata Warrington
    Tamworth BJJ
    Team Black MMA
    Wolfslair/GB Bath

    Early registration is now closed, but you can still register via late registration up until 6pm Sunday 25th November, go to:
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    Less than 24 hours left before Late Registration Closes; 6pm tomorrow, Sunday 25th November, to register now go to:

    Just a handful of fighters registered that need to get matched up, so lets see who wants to compete and and try and win against the fighters in the following Divisions and Weight Brackets...

    Male 6-7yrs = U25kg

    Male 6-7yrs = O25kg

    Male 8-9yrs = U35kg

    Women 16+ Under 3 Years - Open Weight

    Men 16+ Over 5 years exp - U65kg

    Men 16+ Over 5 years exp - U95kg
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    The UMA have been contacted by fighters who have competed at Braulio's British No Gi Event today, asking if they could compete next Saturday at the UMA VI British Open 'No Gi' Grappling Championships, so in response, we have decided to extend the late registration for 24 hours, so now, the online registration page will stay open and live until 6pm tomorrow evening, Monday 26th November, so if you do want to compete, then please get your entry and registration in before 6pm tomorrow.

    To Register, go to:
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    Default Divisions, Weight Brackets and Grapplers Competitors List

    Divisions, Weight Brackets and Grapplers Competitors List for the UMA VI British Open 'No Gi' Grappling Championships - Saturday 1st December 2012:

    Male Junior - 15yrs and under:

    6-7yrs = U25kg
    Joshua Gregory-Rebel Alliance BJJ

    6-7yrs = O25kg
    Jaidon Singh-Rebel Alliance BJJ
    Evan Broster-Rebel Alliance BJJ

    8-9yrs = U35kg
    Imran Ismail-Gracie Barra Solihull
    Jaidon Singh-Rebel Alliance BJJ

    12-13yrs = U55kg
    Ross Wise-Team Black MMA
    Jordan Fesel-Deehan MMA
    Byron Griffin-Bushido MMA
    Declan Stacey-Bushido MMA

    12-13yrs = O55kg
    Jordan Parkes-Rebel Alliance BJJ
    Ferhan Ismail-Gracie Barra Solihull

    14-15yrs = U65kg
    Rudi Dillon-Team Black MMA
    Reece Snape-Deehan MMA
    Jack Bryant-Checkmat Trojan MMA
    Darren Noble-Team Black MMA

    14-15yrs = O65kg
    Mitchell Phillip Bowater-Team Black MMA
    Callum Scattergood-Tamworth BJJ
    Valdir Joao-Bushido MMA
    Hamza Asif-Bushido MMA
    John Whitehouse-Rick Dubidat Black Belt Academy

    Female Junior - 15yrs and under:

    8-10yrs = U30kg
    Summer McLoughlin-Rebel Alliance BJJ
    Aaliyah Zara-Gracie Barra Solihull
    Ruqaya Zara-Gracie Barra Solihull

    Female 16yrs + - Under 3yrs Division:

    Open Weight
    Donna Scott-Hybrid MMA

    Male 16yrs + Under 2yrs Division:

    John Ward-Team Black MMA
    Tony Dodds-Team Black MMA
    Liam Richards-Team Black MMA
    Ram Singh Lall-Leicester Shootfighters
    Paremveer Bassi-Leicester Shootfighters
    Peter Lynch-Leicester Shootfighters
    Patrick Kelly-Independent
    Jordan Lewis Squires-Can Do Martial Arts
    David Kumar Tamang-Black Belt Academy
    Ben Clarke-UFA Northampton
    Dara Feuozi-Leicester Shootfighters
    Josh Motram-Alliance BJJ Derby

    Michael Kelly-Team Black MMA
    Stuart Snowball-Team Black MMA
    Ryan Shaw-Team Black MMA
    Stefan Bond-Team Black MMA
    David Stephenson-Team Black MMA
    John Robertson-Team Black MMA
    Lee Freeman-Team Black MMA
    James Jones-Leicester Shootfighters
    Karl Green-Leicester Shootfighters
    William Marshall-Gracie Barra Nottingham University
    Vince Irvine-Chester Submission Grappling
    Rickie Piddington-Gracie Barra Sheffield
    Tim Carden-Gracie Barra Nottingham University
    Morgan Eardley-Fighting Fit
    Simon Clayton-Fighting Fit

    Dan Holmes-Chester Submission Grappling
    Scott Taylor-4th Dimension MMA
    Erland Edwards-Bushido MMA
    Robin Large-1st Legion MMA
    Max Fitzpatrick-Leicester Shootfighters
    Lukasz Kowszewwicz-Leicester Shootfighters
    Matt Drury-Hybrid MMA
    John Paul Sutton-Gracie Barra Doncaster
    James Robert Purcell-Fighting Fit
    Christopher Davidson-Fighting Fit
    Mick Higate-CMMA

    Jamie Knighton-Alliance BJJ Derby
    Sam Millidge-Independant
    Andrew Brown-Fighting Fit
    Ieuan Evans-Chester Submission Grappling
    James Wilson-Team Black MMA
    Reiss Jones-Tamworth BJJ

    Colin Williams-Team Black MMA
    Dan Pearson-Hybrid MMA
    Jean Louis Wesley-Leicester Shootfighters

    Male 16yrs + 2yrs to under 5yrs Division:

    James Norcliffe-Leicester Shootfighters
    Christopher McKay-Fighting Fit
    Jamie Molyneaux-Leicester Shootfighters

    Rob Carroll-Wolfslair
    David Dawson-Team Black MMA
    Chris Paine-Fighting Fit
    Josh Camm-4th Dimension MMA
    Jason Vant Jonson-Mick Shore MMA

    Alex Feary-Leicester Shootfighters
    Matt Holmes-Chester Submission Grappling
    Justin McRoberts-Gracie Barra Yorkshire
    Alan Burn-Team Black MMA
    Lee Simpson-Team Sukata Warrington
    Brett Baker-Hybrid MMA
    Richard Talbot-Hybrid MMA
    Gulam Alakbarli-Exeter BJJ
    Mike Adams-Chester Submission Grappling
    Danny Tyler-Alliance BJJ Derby
    Sean McBurney-1st Legion MMA

    Dan Lancaster-Chester Submission Grappling
    Joseph Hylton-Leicester Shootfighters


    Male 16yrs + Over 5yr Division:

    Rob Hannis-Leicester Shootfighters

    Krzysztoff Dulnick-CMMA
    Steve Burton-Allaince BJJ Derby
    Liam Corrigan-Leicester Shootfighters
    Ranjeet Baria-Leicester Shootfighters
    Alaric Moore-Exeter BJJ

    Luke Welford-Leicester Shootfighters
    Chris Jones-Exeter BJJ

    Mo Coles-UFA Northampton
    Dave George-Rebel Alliance BJJ


    There is still time to register if you want to compete due to the extension of registration until 6.00pm tonight; Monday 26th November, to register go to:
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    Default Big thanks to everyone invoilved in the UMA Grappling Champs on Saturday 1st December

    A Big Thankyou to everyone involved at the UMA VI British Open 'No Gi' Grappling Championships yesterday.

    UMA Referees:
    Pippa Granger
    Noel Bartley
    Jon Brostar
    Rob Stevens

    UMA Score Officials:
    Michael Stevenson
    Shane Mills
    Scott Taylor
    Jen Houchin
    Josh Camm
    Phil Tompkin
    Dave Gillan
    Shane Bosworth

    UMA Registration Officials:
    Sue McSherry
    Connie Woolley

    Event Set up and Breakdown Team for this years Championships:
    Devils Pit MMA and Coach Johnny Gillan
    Phil Tompkin
    Dave Gillan
    Shane Bosworth

    Event Medical Support Team: CMED

    And most imnportantly thanks to the Athletes who put on yet another fantastic show of Grappling yet again, New and Old friends of the UMA, thanks to you all, your Coach's, Team mates, Supporters and spectators, thanks for a fantastic day to finish the year on a high yet again.

    See you all again in 2013.
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    Default Results now available online

    Results for the UMA VI British Open 'No Gi' Grappling Championships on Saturday 1st December 2012 are now online:
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