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Thread: Gym help near Manchester

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    Default Gym help near Manchester

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    Got excited then for the return of Paul Jenkins ahhh.............SBG seam like the best option in Manchester from what i gather. Tanswel knows his shit!

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    What's SBG
    Thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by HANDSOFSTONE View Post
    Hello, sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place. I'm a professional boxer and I'm looking to move into MMA. I've being doing bits and bobs over the last 12 months and I'm ok- I get the general drift of things but I want to move more into the sport and hopefully fight- but I still feel a long way off.

    I currently travel to my pro boxing gym and could quite happily travel to an MMA gym if any of you guys would have any recommendations.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions
    Hi the best place for MMA in Manchester is sbg, I trained there for a year and its awesome. UFC vets in the gym every day and Karl is a brilliant coach. If your travelling in its right under Piccadilly train station.
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    Thank you mate... Do they have a website?

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    Default or search them on facebook
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    If your hands are good and you just want to learn the ground game for a bit you might as well go to Gracie Barra in Preston... Lucio Sergio coaches there and is world class.

    In Manny you wont go far wrong with SBG as stated or maybe Team Colosseum is a little closer down the M61 in Farnworth

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    I've been doing bits and bobs - there is so much to remember! Is it more a case of picking what suits ? Just feel a bit overwhelmed with all the info I get.

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    Not being funny mate, but if you can box you'll be sound. Just up your cardio and youll be a monster. Haymakers and cardio wins fights seriously. If you can throw 15 minutes of haymakers you will beat most fellas

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