Greetings from Aberdeen, everyone!

We’ve spread the word already, e-mailing the teams that took part in the event last time, but in case you missed out on SMMART 1, then here’s the news.

SMMART 2 is happening soon! The date is set for the 10th of November, 2012, exactly in a month’s time, and we’re wanting to make it as good as the first event was...and the participants have told us that, in their view, it was a great success! The rules, the principles, the safety gear – all of this is staying (see below for more info). What we do want, though, is more fresh talent, getting a chance to take part in up to four MMA fights in one day, in a full-size ring. A perfect chance for the beginners to dip their toes in the water and find out what their game is lacking before they enter the big shows.

If you are interested in participating, send your name, the name of the team you will be representing, your weight and a short description of your martial art experience (any events you have participated in, what sort of martial arts you have trained and for how long etc) to

If you are a team leader and don’t have any exact names/weights yet, but are willing to participate and have a vague idea of how many guys you could put forward, then please get in touch as well! This will help us with the preparation process – the sooner, the better!

Location: Aberdeen Sports Village, Aberdeen, AB24 5RU

Date: 10th of November 2012

Time: TBC


The new C-class rules + head-guards (provided by us – the best head-gear money can buy, namely Top Ten) + 6oz gloves (provided by us as well) + shin n insteps (fighters bring their own).

Fighters progress via a tournament system.

Weight categories:

Featherweight (-66kg)
Lightweight (-70kg)
Welterweight (-77kg)
Middleweight (-84kg)
Light Heavyweight (-93kg)
Heavyweight (-120kg)

What it’s all about:

A relaxed atmosphere:

No actual audience (fighters are discouraged from bringing a huge crowd of spectators with them), no chanting of phrases such as ‘kill him’ or ‘bust the cu**’* face open’. It’ll be just you and your teammates and you’re there to learn, to get to fight with people other than your own crew, who want to be beat you really badly.

A safe environment:

This is an amateur event. An amateur who decides that ‘snap before tap’ is the way to go and gets injured is never going to make it pro-level. That’s why we will take special care as to prevent this sort of situations. Our referees are going to be extra vigilant and this means that, even though you may believe you could have resisted that armbar or ground and pound expose for a couple of seconds more, we have the final say and will act quickly if push comes to shove. The competitor’s safety is going to be the top priority at this event.


No taunting, no disrespectful behaviour such as swearing, no taking your gumshield off and throwing it at the judges – to name a few. We’re a Mixed Martial Arts dojo, but our roots are Japanese martial arts and we are strong in what we call ‘budo’ – a real warrior’s code of conduct and it is going to be a value permeating the entire event.

Any comments, thoughts or ideas are most welcome!