Good work with the review James, can't imagine it being more comprehensive (and humorous)!

And as for us, the organizers of the event...

Based on all the feedback we received, we’re not the only ones who think the entire day was an outstanding success. With 44 fighters participating, it was, without a doubt, one of the biggest MMA events in Scottish history (albeit on an amateur level). The quality of the fights was phenomenal, but, what gave us the biggest morale boost, was seeing the same fighters who took part in SMMART 1 come back stronger, faster and twice as technical. Hence, despite of the whole ‘head-guard controversy/ridicule’ and the fact that, in the end of the day, we had to fork out some of the club’s funds to pay for everything, it was well worth it and we’ve already began planning the next one. There’s no bigger reward than looking at all of this talent, nourishing it and then seeing it grow.

For those who don't feel like reading James Scott's article posted above, here's the results in a nutshell:


1st place – Andrew Scoular (Headhunters, Edinburgh)
2nd place – Cameron Hyde (Jigoku Dojo, Aberdeen)
3rd place – Andrew Wilkie (Tei Karate, Fife)


1st place – Dylan Cameron (Internal Warrior, Dundee)
2nd place – Ryan Hulse (Aberdeen Combat Centre, Aberdeen)
3rd place – Ablaykhan Beken (Jigoku Dojo, Aberdeen)


1st place – Mark Keegan (Granite City Grapplers, Aberdeen)
2nd place – Kevin McAloon (Fusion MMA, Forres)
3rd place – Akan Samenov (Jigoku Dojo, Aberdeen)


1st place – Edgar Ponsevic (Jigoku Dojo, Aberdeen)
2nd place – Andrew Stevenson (Headhunters, Edinburgh)
3rd place – Rejus Zemaitis (Jigoku Dojo, Aberdeen)
3rd place – Michal Szczepanek (Immortals Gold Team, Aberdeen)


1st place – Lee Walker (Tei Karate, Fife)
2nd place – Craig Mitch (Immortals Gold Team, Aberdeen)

Fighter of the Night:

Nikola Dragovic (Jigoku Dojo, Aberdeen)

Our thanks go to all the teams who got involved, some of which had to travel quite a distance to grace us with their presence – the Headhunters, Urban Disturbance, Internal Warrior, Fusion MMA, Tei Karate, Satorishido Kickboxing, Immortals Gold Team, Granite City Grapplers, Aberdeen Combat Centre and – last but not least- Jigoku Dojo Shetland!

It was fantastic to have you guys there and we’re hoping that when SMMART 3 is launched (April/May), we’ll see you again! Stay tuned!

Here's a few pics from the event, taken by our incredibly talented photographer, Callum McKain: