Caledonian Combat 2 : The Contenders

Eden Court Theatre in Inverness is once again to host Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) on Saturday the 2nd of March 2013 at Caledonian Combat 2 : The Contenders.

The event will feature eliminator tournaments to decide which of Scotland's best Mixed Martial Artists will compete for Caledonian Combat title belts in July 2012. All 10 fights will take place under Unified C class Rules in a 20 foot octagon steel cage with all legal submissions allowed, as well as strikes both standing and on the ground.

This is MMA action under the most exciting rule set in the world; bouts can be won by submission or knockout and only the toughest fighters will prevail!

The event is scheduled for the 2nd of March at Eden Court theatre, weight classes for the tournament bouts are TBC, other C class bouts will be available.

A ticket deal will be available to all fighters as well as purse.

All fighters / teams interested please post below.

Those of you who fought at CC1 know how well we try and treat fighters, I hope you will come back to the Highlands for a great night of MMA at Caledonian Combat 2!