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Thread: shock n awe 12 weigh in video.

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    Default shock n awe 12 weigh in video.

    Hey guys,always a pleasure at sna and we wanted to do something different for the weigh ins, this is what we came up with. Hope you enjoy and any feedback would be greatly received positive or negative. We want to get better and this is our first attempt.

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    Superb stuff from Addicted as always.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    Thanks Bri.

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    Good work!

    Interesting to note that there was some controversy at the weigh-ins, with the featherweight title fight now non-title and Tyrie also coming in overweight for the middleweight title. Details here.

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    I'm honestly amazed at all the fighters who came in overweight for the title fights. One you can get your head around (just) but 3 fighters in 3 fights?! Never heard anything like it before.
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    Gutted about the weight issues but tbh the fighters only missed by tiny amounts.
    Rules are rules though so we are left with the scenarios we have
    Regards Paddy Moore's opponent (Rob Bunford) he didn't take the fight short notice but did pull out with 2 1/2 hours from the weigh ins and has been uncontactable since. Make of that what you will.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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