I know this is not no-gi or bjj but I have posted this in both as it is grappling/combat grappling.

I have recently registered and started a new Sambo group at my gym Allegiance MMA, Batley, West Yorkshire.
We are training Sport Sambo (Grappling only) and Combat Sambo (Grappling & striking combined)

I am looking for new memebrs for training and for Team/Squad training. I am looking to build a team, there are opportunities for places on the GB squad under FIAS rules. This is a new group as I have mentioned, at the moment small in numbers with a mix of beginners and a few experienced Grapplers/MMA fighters. I hope to develop the group over the coming months.

Anyone with any interest in training or experienced people who may be able to help us build this, please inbox/message me, thanks.