I've been flirting with the idea for a while now and after some very frustrating technical issue I've gotten a pretty much unedited podcast stitched together. I'd like to think its a little different as its less analysis and opinion and completely interview based. So as I prepare for Cage Warriors, Shock n Awe and Kayo MMA I will be recording interviews and putting it all together for anyone interested. Hopefully it'll introduce people to the more intimate details of fighters, coaches, referees and promoters.

Episode 1 focuses around top UK show Shock n Awe and welcomes Addicted MMA’s Ben Farrelly (1-33), promoter and coach Brian Adams (33-1.04) along with fighters Phil Else (1.04-1.33), Luke ‘El Nino’ Dalmedo (1.33-1.51) and Alexei ‘Boom’ Roberts (1.51-2.3).


Ben speaks about Addicted MMA and his take on the SnA card

Brian Adams talk frankly about the South coast scene, Phil Harris at the UFC and his motivation behind SnA

Phil Else gives a very honest account of his worrying injury and how he has prepared for SnA

Luke Dalmedo talks us through his training and his regrets about the aftermath of the Callum Jones fight

Alexei will entertain you with his fine way with words, his confidence and his admiration for his coach.
Enjoy and let me know your thoughts