Big win for Eugene at the weekend and you can read about that here, but I also spoke to him after the fight to get his take on it, and where he now stands on the domestic scene.

"I think he’s a good fighter and so am I, and that showed because it was back and forth until one of us eventually finished. I knew it had to be finished – neither of us would let it go to the judges’ decision.

"It's got to put me top ten," he continued. "And that just means it’s a step closer to making this a professional job and getting paid to do what I love."

His only defeat comes to a guy now winning in the UFC, Gunnar Nelson, and Fadiora admits working 'five days a week, sometimes more' in a hospital is something he'd love to give up to train full-time in order to chase his dreams.

"Hopefully that was it," he said, referencing the win, hoping it would be enough to tip the scales in favour of fighting as a career.
Nice guy, hard-working and obviously talented. Excited to see what's next. Fields, Phillips, Zikic, Marshman etc. would be cool.