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Thread: The this the best fighter in Scotland?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACER View Post
    Sounded like Jolly Boy John at the end saying he was "real"
    You think you can be as real as Jolly Boy John...



    ... GET REAL!!
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    I think Lewis Wilson fought him at the UCMMA contenders show in Dundee

    Ridux lost by KO in the opening minute
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    think Baxter v Riddux should happen to show just who is Scotland's biggest Loser!!
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    Il fight this prick for his space on the island

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    You guys are always up for slaging these guys but the top prize is $500 thousand dollars like. Julez from Dundee needs more votes and he's the real deal as non of use in Scotlands got the balls to fight him he is having to fight in England. He has got a Title fight coming up at Ucmma event and deserves evry Scots mans votes as he can represent us on the island and unlike this fat baw bag he can win like.

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    I assume use are trolling pal?

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    So it gets more eyeballs - this is all win.

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    I just think he should get some support from MMA fighters up here in Scotland. He can truly represent us not the other idiot. He has no skills. Julez's is a utter pitbull when he's fighting so should get our support. Alex Reid is supporting and he no's.

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    Julez has only won 1 fight .......we offered him a fight at colosseum 5 against a 1st timer which he never got back to us .....chopper was ment to fight on colosseum as well but pulled out on the week running up to show ........they dont have a chance of winning but i'v been voting for julez ,,, just to see him on the show just like his video .....even just for a laugh
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