Looking to do a bit of Kickboxing/BJJ/Submission Wrestling in Cheshire. Done it before down south but recently moved up here and trying to find a reputable club.

What are peoples views on Voodoo Gym Macclesfield and Warriors Martial Arts in Congleton?

I will be also taking up Freestyle Wrestling at BOWC also.

Not looking to compete in MMA as I am no longer allowed to take huge blows to the head due to an accident I sustained with has caused a titanium plate to be across my forehead. This is the reason why I had to stop for a while.

Just looking to compete in BJJ, Semi Contact Kickboxing and Freestyle Wrestling. So a good gym is what I would be after. Who don't grade you within 'MMA' but each individual style so get good understanding and technique from each style. Instead of just a bit of everything sort of thing.