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Thread: BJJ players in the military?

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    Default BJJ players in the military?

    Alright guys, I was wondering if any BJJ players in the military posted on here. I am looking into trying to get it accepted as a sport in the MOB and would love any feedback from people to give me an idea of numbers and if it would be possible to run some form of inter service tournament.

    PM me if anyone is interested thanks.

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    There's guys all over the army that I know of that practice bjj and/or mma the problem is the numbers are spread out so much, if you were to find say a dozen or more guys already training or wanting to train in your battalion or unit then you could make a unit team and progress from there but till there's a few unit teams kicking about the chances of any inter services or even single service competition or teams happening is very slim, I'm not in the army now or I would be trying to do the same thing at battalion, but until there's numbers close together there's not much chance, its an uphill battle from what I remember mate

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    "Anybody on here in the army message me your details. A couple of us are in the process of getting BJJ through as a recognised and backed sport. We're pretty much there, just a few more steps. We are also looking at running a seminar on dec 5th at aldershot combat sports centre. Good chance for us to get together and discuss what ideas people have on the future for Army BJJ. Anyone interested private message me on here as I will be pinging an admin order out soon. Cheers."

    There's lots of further discussion on the matter and I believe much of the formal process has been completed in a positive direction.

    Contact: based at Wattisham air base.
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