HI there, I know this has been probably discussed so many times. But wanted to throw a thought out to some people who think the way they rule things is wrong.

I know people are saying that most amateur MMA fights should be NSAC rules due to it being able to teach you that if/when you turn pro you are going to get blows to the head. But then like Full Contact Contender who do rules with only blows when standing or no blows at all or then NSAC rules. I don't see what is wrong with no blows allowed sort of thing.

Reason why I say this is that I sustained an injury which stopped me from being able to compete in full contact (Taking blows to the head basically) But everything else I can take at full contact. Allowing amateur rules with no head contacts should surely allow people who have had an injury but want to carry on as much as they possibly can must be a good thing?

I suppose I just need others opinions. Yeah ofcourse MMA is grounded and pounded etc... But these rules will allow for others to try?