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    HI there, I know this has been probably discussed so many times. But wanted to throw a thought out to some people who think the way they rule things is wrong.

    I know people are saying that most amateur MMA fights should be NSAC rules due to it being able to teach you that if/when you turn pro you are going to get blows to the head. But then like Full Contact Contender who do rules with only blows when standing or no blows at all or then NSAC rules. I don't see what is wrong with no blows allowed sort of thing.

    Reason why I say this is that I sustained an injury which stopped me from being able to compete in full contact (Taking blows to the head basically) But everything else I can take at full contact. Allowing amateur rules with no head contacts should surely allow people who have had an injury but want to carry on as much as they possibly can must be a good thing?

    I suppose I just need others opinions. Yeah ofcourse MMA is grounded and pounded etc... But these rules will allow for others to try?

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    I don't have a problem with the 'no headshots' ruleset as such, and I think that speaks for the majority too, but I don't think it should be on a show where people are paying good money for tickets. Interclubs etc. by all means but paying punters aren't paying to see that, and most are just bemused by it.

    Of course there are levels and not everybody wants to, or is able to, take headshots (although this is then probably a peculiar choice of sport to follow). If you want to do those rules then on mats in specific tourneys or interclubs should be where it's done.

    Unified amateur rules and unified professional rules bouts would be the way forward on shows IMO (and the ones to be recorded as 'MMA fights' on the databases).

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    Oh yeah I can see where you are coming from. The viewers tbh go to the fights to watch people get hit in the face etc...

    But what if the viewers knew someone was in the ring doing what they loved despite the fact they cant take a blow to the head so has it ruled 'no blows to the head'. Surely the crowd should be more happy someone has that much determination and commitment to martial Arts they are still jumping in the cage.

    But yes, interclub should be kept for those sort of rules. Or have an event which just follows those rules all the time.

    But for me, I used to happily take a hit to the face. And still would. Just from a medical point of view I shouldn't which makes me sort of feel happy about these rules. As in my eyes, I seen them and was made up that I could still carry on to fight if I wanted. Which I do.

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    But don't get me wrong. I would happily do B Class stuff. With only head shots to the head when standing because lets face it. You don't really spend much time on your feet in MMA Lol

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    Hi mate - why don't you give Jiu Jitsu or No Gi a go? You may not get the 'huge' crowds you get at MMA Shows, but you do still get a good 200-300 people at the bigger ones and they are more knowledgeable too (so won't be booing you as you take someone down and look to submit them).

    There is the added advantage that you can compete in these matches on a monthly basis around the country and even - if you are good - get as many as 4/5/6/7 fights in a row.

    The problem with Ammy fights is that they can be good to get you into MMA or get you used to a crowd, but they literally are for your 1st or 2nd fight, maybe after a long lay-off, if you have a few - you'll find it tough to get decent competition.

    Just an idea
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    Nobody wants to see a dead arm contest and be charged money for the displeasure.
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    Firstly there is no such beast as NSAC am rules,( please prove me wrong I would love to see them...)
    In my opinion there should be unified am and pro used in promotions who sell tickets no A class B class etc.
    No head shots should be kept as interclub rules or on shows that run entirely on that premise.
    Heath from falcons runs G+S a very popular and well run event that uses no head shots.
    I believe the Am fight league uses these rules as well, Ultimate impact use them as their Interclub rule set as well.
    Unified am rules set out a clearly defined path of progression for those who want to compete and possible turn pro.
    From another stand point the punters can understand Both unified am and pro rules without to much trouble, as they are very similar.
    would you go to a boxing show and want to see the fighters punching each other in the body ?
    Just my thoughts............... waits to be flamed

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    In fought am c rules and am is purely to get experience of events an found it very different to an interclub I competed in.i think it gives people starting out a good starting point and as long as the show advertises that tere will be am c rules fights then I don't honestly see hrs wrong with it. I will naturally move to am b then a so its a stepping stone
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    I agree with woodlegs on this!!

    All shows should have UAR (Unified Amateur Rules). Have no head shots at interclubs, ect.

    Also all fighters should have one record!! I have seen some with 3 different records, one for C class, one for B class and one for A class. So saying they are 1-0 A class, when really they have had 6-3 when added all classed together!!!

    If you fight on a show, that goes on your record no matter what class!!!

    If you dont want it on your record go to an interclub!!!

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