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Thread: Will my past affect my chances as a fighter ?

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    I thin he even bought a sweat suit for it just to seem legit. Asked him how many kilos he was fighting at and he just said lhw. Doesnt know the equivilent for it. If he talks to someone that knows anything about mma he gets caught out.

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    Thing I dont quite understand - James, you are scottish, but you dont type as if you are speaking the dialect, nor does anyone I know really, I never type with my welsh/scouse/manc undercover accent combo, so why the hell does he have to do that as well? I fear he has gone full.....
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    Ahhhhh... This is quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever read! Legendary!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by beanouno View Post
    Leon your full of shit. You've told people in phd that you've had 6-7 pro fights, winning all of them. Its suprising that no ones heard of you. You use to go to the swimmimg pool and pretend to cut weight in the sauna. Even the staff were laughing at you.


    Dude you need fucking help.

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    this thread is great ave laughed all the way threw it leon keep up the good work you a grade A space cadet your hard work is paying off why dont you audition for fight island !!!!

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    Leon, i'm curious, who is or was your karate instructor?

    Maybe if you were a bit more humble and respectful you would receive it, no one is out to get you or talk shit, however people seriously question your credentials, so prove it, theres no shame in talking up your game when you start out, we have all been there

    step back re-evaluate, go to a gym and have people talk "about you" , don't "talk about yourself"

    best advice i can give you, good luck

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    Leon Summers is to MMA, as what that Rylan guy is to music.
    An unintuitive consequence of conditional probability.

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    Anyone else more interested in what school Leon went to rather than his mma gym?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leonthehitmansummers View Post
    How div I delete this thread ?
    Its too late to be editing all your posts mate.
    An unintuitive consequence of conditional probability.

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