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Thread: Rosi sexton quiting?

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    Fair point but a sad situation all the same.

    I think that the punishments for ped use is some organisations (I cant speak for all as I don't have the knowledge) is fcking laughable/disgracefull. The TRT loophole is even worse as it is blatant cheating that is in essence perfectly within the rules with a doctors note. MMA will not grow much bigger than in it curent state if this isn't addressed. Who will take the sport seriously when many of the top fighters are getting caught and given bans that are nothing short of a stern telling off and a slap on the hand. The bans for PEDs should be in line with athletics and if you are caught twice like Marquardt or Barnett they need to be given lifetime bans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BakedBean View Post
    We should start the Rosi Sexton vs Rhonda Rousey campaign.
    Any time she wants to cut to 125, I'm game!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosi View Post
    Any time she wants to cut to 125, I'm game!
    I'd pay to see that ME

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